Launching CreamEmpire

On the 1st of Nov 2013 CreamEmpire was created.
CreamEmpire is my little online shop on etsy.

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I make handmade cot/crib and bassinet sheets for your little bubs.

Everything is made with love, care and happiness in a little house in Melbourne Australia.

I was inspired by my little bundle of joy, Javier. Who now is 7months old.

I was travelling to all the baby stores and big department stores ( anywhere where I could think of that sold baby apparel) I was checking online and realised, the stores didn’t have what I wanted and the online stores that had designs that caught my eye were either to expensive or overseas. Which made be realise…why don’t I just make my own?

A little home project making cot sheets is now a little online store that keeps me very busy.

Hope you enjoy my shop and my journey.